The Atlantic EP

by Becca Leigh

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recorded in Albi, France

songs and album art by Becca Leigh Nicholson


released September 10, 2012

backup vocals, inspiration, support, love, etc provided by Daniel Levi Goans and Lauren Plank Goans

produced by Daniel Levi Goans

mastering by Chris Graham



all rights reserved


Becca Leigh Charleston, South Carolina

Becca Leigh is a songwriter based in Charleston, South Carolina. Her songs emerge from a folk tradition, focusing on melody, imagery, and emotion.

In 2015, she self-released her debut EP, Doxologies, a collection of five songs recorded in Greensboro, North Carolina.

In April of 2016, she joined Charleston-based community label Coast Records.
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Track Name: The Atlantic
so long
so far
words that are clenching and closing my heart
all my shoes and my dreams are falling apart

time gives
time takes
deep in my bones there's a terrible ache
the lie in me says you're a fake, you're a fake

oh I pray for a road through the mountains
face the wind in the sweetness of dawn
Carolina, carry on
sing a new song while I am gone
Track Name: Athens
with an atlas in my pocket and a stone upon my wing
I ran away to Athens, but it didn't change a thing
when I close my eyes and listen I can barely hear,
but there's always just a whisper of your voice my dear

and it's louder every day
and it's harder not to say
the things we both know
so I just sing them sweet,
sweet and low

I put salt on my food, now it tastes like salt
the ashes are a-fallin' I can't see at all
and now that I am stuck here I will drink my life in sips
and I will eat some berries just to stain my lips

and my dusty feet are worn
and I swear, I could've sworn I was ready to go
but I'm just singin sweet,
sweet and low
Track Name: When I Wake Oh My Soul
when I wake, oh my soul
to the morning sweet
I can hear the humble ground
rumbling an ancient sound

when I climb, oh my soul
into holy trees
I can see the highway rise
up into the golden skies

how I long for you
search for you in a crowd
as I wade through the masses, I look up
and I'll never look down

foreign words and a psalm in my mouth
hope like honey sweet on this scroll I eat
dust and seeds, ever all I shall be
and the body weeps, but the soul shall sing

when I cry, oh my soul
like a lonesome dove
spring is coming on again
I can feel it on my skin

when I dance, oh my soul
to the sound of you
playing on a thunder drum
giving that ol' harp a strum

how I long for you
search for you in a crowd
as I wade through the masses
I look up, and I never look down
Track Name: Andy
don't worry about Andy
he weighs ninety six pounds
his affection for humans is waning
he'd rather have no one around

don't worry about Andy
wit comes with ease to his words
he holds a pen with impeccable grace
clear renderings clearly absurd